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Monday, January 15, 2007

Michael Devlin Thoughts

Kidnap two little boys? Keep them locked up in your trailer? Child porn on the computer?

OK! I am convinced. The fat fuck is a 300 pound pedophile. I am quite hopeful that someone gets to him in jail. Hopeful that he get's gangraped and slowly shanked to death. A gruesome painful death to end this life and enter the next.

Whoever get's to this guy should be rewarded not punished.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Meanstuff New Year's Resolutions for 2007

I resolve in 2007 to the following:
1. I will in 2007 not commit any major crimes..well no big felonies.
2. I will not start a new religion drawing in millions of followers and causing a war between 3 or more nations.
3. I will work out more in 2007 then I did in 2006. I was pretty much a slacker this year. I need to get off my lazy ass and get it in gear.
4. I will not build any weapons of mass destruction.
5. I will contribute more to my 401K. I don't trust the damn government to take care of my old self when the time comes that I am..well...old.
6. I will not date Paris Hilton.
7. I will date Carrie Underwood if she is willing but she probably isn't so I reserve the right to put that one on indefinite hold.
8. I will not become a Vegan
9. I will threaten Vegans with bodily harm if they get upitty. Damn Vegans always being upitty.
10. I will not buy an utterly silly car that only looks good but is a bad financial investment.
11. Forget #10. If I can get my hands on a Viper or an NSX I'm taking it. #10 is cancelled.
12. I will not get married.
13. If I get married anyways I will not get divorced.
14. Unless she is crazy.
15. Or overly bitchy.
16. Or doesn't do special things in the bed that I like.
17. No more talk about that stuff. It really isn't your business anyways.
18. I will not kick small fluffy animals.
19. Except bunny rabbits. Everyone knows I hate bunny rabbits.
20. I will not invade small third world countries.
21. I will support my country in any invasions of small third world countries that may just happen by accident.
22. I will take up skiing.
23. But not alone.
24. I will attend at least one concert by an act whose heyday ended when I was in high school.
25. I will not hook up with any women I meet at said concert.
26. Well okay maybe I will...
27. but probably not.
28. I will root for my favorite sports teams fanatically throughout 2007.
29. I will not abandon said teams unless they really really REALLY ask for it.
30. I will continue to share the common sense truth with everyone the world over..well the ones that bother reading this junk that I post here and elsewhere.

Fair Trial? I'll Settle for a Fair Verdict.

All those panzy sissy wussy libertards that are whining about the fairness of Saddam's trial are a joke. I care about one thing. Did the guilty party pay the price for the crime? The answer is obviously yes. All those legal weasles that are yapping on behalf of a dead Hitler wannabe should be sentenced to time in a Baathist rape room or STFU already.

Friday, December 29, 2006

So Long Saddam!


Allah Akbar Bitch!!!

Show of hands. Who has Saddam in the Dead Pool?

Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Must Be Stopped!!!

The announced nuclear weapons test by North Korea this weekend presents the gravest security threat in the world at this time. The United States and our allies must take action to remove the threat.

I propose that we announce a policy whereby any nuclear attack by North Korea against any ally of this nation will be met with a swift unilateral retaliatory attack against Pyongyang using like weapons.

Further the United States should encourage South Korea and Japan to progress towards better more advanced arms.

Finally this nation needs to continue research into strategic missile defense.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Old Fidel is on His Deathbed.

Media reports are stating today that Cuban Presidente Fidel Castro is about to meet his maker. Terminal cancer is normally a sad thing. I am sure he is slightly aware right now that he is about to go out into eternity. I am also sure that as he drifts in and out of his drug induced state he is reflective. Reflective of the life he has led. What kind of egomania must he maintain to not be riddled with guilt. One of the 20th Centuries most murderous tyrants , Castro has long been lionized by insane liberals in Europe and the United States.

If I were given the opportunity I know only one thing that this man needs. He of course needs to know the love the Jesus Christ. Knowing me though such an interaction would probably go something like this.

Mean: "Mr. Castro nice to meet you. I just wanted to ask you how you feel right now knowing you are about to see the Lord. Would you like to know ho you can be certain that you are going to Heaven?"

Fidel: "Si"

Mean: "Do you believe that tbe Bible contains the clearly spoken word of God?"

Fidel: "Si"

Mean: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the true living God?"

Fidel: "Si"

Mean: "Did you know that Jesus told us exactly what we need to know in order to go to Heaven?"

Fidel: "Si"

Mean: "Would you like to know what that teaching is? I can tell you how to have certainty of eternal salvation right here right now. Would you like to have that peace?"


Mean: "Well you murderous fuck that is just too damned bad because you met the wrong Christian. I hope you spend the rest of eternity getting gang raped by demons in the fires of Hell."