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Monday, July 11, 2005

More things I hate

the little brat in the checkout line that has a screaming fit because he/she/it wants a candy....
the mom of that little brat that keeps dealing with this outrageous behavior by patting little precious on the head with a "there there precious" attitude instead of blistering that little monster's behind...
the inevitability that the mom of that little brat will be unprepared to pay once she get's to the front of the line as her Food Stamps card won't be accepted and she is out of checks so after a shopping cart full of Twinkies, Frito Chips, Ben and Jerry's and 6 12 packs of Coca Cola products along with a freezer load of ground beef and bacon worth enough money to pay off the debt of a small South American dictatorship she asks the cashier to please wait while she makes a run to the ATM. 

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Things I Hate