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Sunday, July 30, 2006


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So 82% of Lebanese Support Hezbollah Now Eh?

Well then I say GO ISRAEL!!! Seriously. Why should anyone take seriously the complaints of the Lebanese government when they did nothing to curtail the numerous attacks against Israel for months prior to this current confrontation?

And to those silly whiny little bastards protesting in our cities I ask simply this...if a group of Mexicans were regularly attacking into Texas for several months and killing Americans unprovoked...would it be alright to slam them in the teeth for it? And if it was obvious that they were being supplied by governments rivaling us and doing so through Mexican infrastructure with the tacit approval of the Mexican government would it be unreasonable for us to then dismantle said infrastructure?

Israel is not overreacting. Israel has been a bastion of patience. The creaps on their borders just can't leave well enough alone.

The Lebanese government should be allying with Israel to destroy the Hezbollah militia, plain and simple. The fact that their leadership would rather rile up the population against Israel tells me they are getting what they deserve.

Cease fire indeed. Forget that. I favor conquest. Go Israel!