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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Atlantis Launches. Europe Jealous.

Space Shuttle Atlantis launched this morning with no major issues. Flying to the International Space Station, Atlantis is carrying one of the largest payloads ever.

This crew has trained 4 1/2 years for this mission. They will primarily be conducting maintenance repairs of the station.

No slamming into the Moon here gang. This isn't some Eurotrash mission. This is some serious space guys tuff here. If you ain't impressed you should be.

News Foxes II

Julie Banderas (formerly Julie Bidwell) hosts FOXNEWS the Big Weekend show. She is formerly an anchor for local stations in New York, Hartford, and other locations.

Recently she drew notice nationally for ripping into cult preacher Fred Phelps' dimwitted moron sister Shirley Phelp-Roper. Julie got into a heated discussion with this freakish woman and was visibly angered. In the end most observers agree that the FOXNEWS hottie got the best of the discussion.

She is absolutely a candidate for the Hot 100. Absolutely among the most beautiful women on television.