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Monday, October 02, 2006

Sen. Cantwell is a Slutty Little Homewrecker

Seattle media reports tonight are stating that Sen. Cantwell was the other woman in a marriage damaging relationship with her former boss/campaign worker/lobbyist Ronald Dotzauer in his marriage to ex-wife Angela. Court records show that the ugly marriage between the Dotzauers was off to a bad start as then Rep. Cantwell spread her legs for Mr. Dotzauer the week before his marriage to Angela. Apparently she isn't good enough in the sack because he married Angela anyways.

Later after the marriage ended Mr. Dotzauer spent his years fighting his obligations to his ex-wife and child. Maria Cantwell then bailed out this deadbeat dad with a loan of between $15,000 and $50,000. There is no record of the loan having ever been repaid. One must wonder what kind of influence this lobbyist has on the useless junior Senator from Seattle. What other "favors" does she give up to him when she is back in D.C.? The people have a right to know!

Congressional Page Scandal

Over the weekend the story broke of Palm Beach Congressman Mark Foley (R-Fla) and his illicit messages to a 16 year old male page. This inappropriate behavior has led rightly to his resignation from office. The real question now regards whether or not Speaker Hastert knew anything about this.

Here at Meanstuff1 we reserve judgement until all the facts are made known. Rep. Foley has been dealt with and there is a legal investigation underway to determine if a crime was comitted. Of greater public interest is whether or not Republican leaders knew of his behavior and kept it quiet.

It is our belief that a full Congressional inquiry is in order. If it is found that the Speaker knew of this behavior...or should have known then the Speaker must resign (assuming the GOP retains control of the House to begin with).